Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tale of Two Bookshops

Recently I happened to visit Landmark (Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai) and Higginbothams for purchasing books. Though I have visited them many times previously, this time I could not but notice the stark contrast between the two establishments. Landmark has great ambience, well stocked bookracks and book lover friendly atmosphere whereas Higginbothams lives up to its old mouldy image with poor lighting and inadequate stocks. Variety of books available in Landmark is mindboggling whereas Higginbothams is nowhere near. To add to the woes, when I handed over my credit card after makng purchases worth 400 bucks in Higginbothams, the counter staff said they are not accepting the cards because their card readers are not working ! I managed to pay in cash finally. It is high time they pull up their socks if they want to stay in the big league like Landmark.

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