Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rangasamy Elango

I came across in media write-ups on this quite interesting personality recently and thought it fit to share it with you. Let me quote an article on him in Rediff:

When Rangasamy Elango speaks of his village, his pride is unmistakable. Kuthambakkam isn't your ordinary sort of Indian village, one that is quickly imagined in the urban mind as a combination of deprivation and squalor. The long lines that characterize Chennai's perennial water shortages are nearly unimaginable here, only 40 km away -- the water table in this village isn't much deeper than a dozen feet away under your feet. Evidence of planning and purpose abounds -- paved roads, integrated housing for dalits and non-dalits, even a largely self-sustaining village economy. In panchayat president Elango's efforts and continuing dreams for this hamlet, the India of Gandhi, Vinoba and Hazare is real.

"It is my hope", says Elango, "that Kuthambakkam will serve as a model, one whose social and economic achievements are so obvious that people will clamor to replicate it elsewhere in the nation too." In the many years since he abandoned his comfortable government-scientist position as a chemical engineer, Elango has overseen the growing prosperity and social stability of his little corner of the world. He speaks of his achievement now with a smile of satisfaction, and even a glint of amusement at the many hurdles he has passed along the way.

People like Elango ought to be lauded and supported in their endeavors.

This incidentally is my 100th post ! Thought I don't believe much in personal milestones, I think I ought to pat myself on my back for not giving up blogging midway. On this occasion I thank all my fellow bloggers who encouraged me. A big thanks to you all.

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