Monday, March 23, 2009

IPL versus Elections

It is amusing the way Lalit Modi and his ilk are conducting themselves. Personally I am not happy that they are shifting their venue from India to England or South Africa. Some amount of planning could have avoided the matches's timetable clashing with Lok Sabha elections.

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Mavin said...

You can see it either way.

A fortnight or so would have been adequate. It would not have clashed with the elections.

On the other hand, extension into June means taking a chance with the onsetting tropical monsoons. No play would have been possible. Further, cricket would have kept people pegged to the TV and helped in smoother conduct of elections.

However, sometimes BCCI does give the impression of being extremely arrogant and some of the officials too big for their boots.

Further, the govt. was clearly not taking chances during elections. A single incident and that would have been the end of UPA-Congress in the balance constituencies.