Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tenth Standard Exams - To Scrap or Not To Scrap

Apropos the raging debate in the media and elsewhere on Mr. Kapil Sibal's suggestion of making the tenth standard exams optional to reduce the stress and burden on children, I cannot resist but quote in verbatim letter written by Mr. Rettavayal K.S. Krishnaswamy in The Hindu dated June 30th, 2009.

"Nowhere in the world do lakhs of students score 100 per cent in the examinations conducted by their boards. Only in our country, at least 90 per cent of students score centum in science practical examinations in schools where there are no labs. The rat race to score more has made the student a mark-scoring machine, a teacher a calculator, and the school an industry in India".


Tinkoo said...

There is only one part of Sibal's proposal where I have a strong opinion - one single board for the whole country. I find the idea so obnoxious - a few babus in Delhi telling a sixth of humanity what they should be studying & how their education should be tested!!! Past actions of Delhi don't make me put a lot of faith in the wisdom of these wise men. Whatever else you do, let a 100 boards bloom.

Krishnan said...

Ah Tinkoo, "let a 100 boards bloom", I love that.