Thursday, September 25, 2008


Google celebrating its 10th birthday has come out with an idea called Project10tothe100. The site is It invites people to help others in the areas of Community, Energy, Education, Environment, Health, etc. What more, great rewards await the winners. The deadline is October 20th of this year.

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Anonymous said...

Read all the details before you conclude great rewards await the winners. The only reward you get for sure is good karma. And of course there is no guarantee of even that. What you do get for sure is making some organization rich while Google gets the credit.

Q: Can an organization submit an idea for this project? A: All ideas must be submitted by individuals. You may submit an idea on behalf of an organization you're affiliated with, but please note that we cannot guarantee your organization will be selected to implement the idea if it is chosen. Once we've selected up to five ideas for funding, we will use an RFP process to identify the organization(s) that are in the best position to implement the selected ideas. We will be providing funding to these organizations to implement the ideas.

Q: What do I get if my idea is chosen? A: You get good karma and the satisfaction of knowing that your idea might truly help a lot of people.