Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Chennai

It has been 369 years since the founding of our dear old Chennai. On August 22, 1639, Francis Day of East India Company received a piece of land from a local chieftain and that's how Madras came into being. A sleepy fishing hamlet is now a sprawling metropolis - IT hub, medical capital of India and so on. Bit conservative yes, but nowadays a happening city. Born and brought up in Chennai, I am very proud of my city. On this occasion, I have to commend Mr. S. Muthiah who through his books and columns has brought out graphically the various facets of Chennai in all its glory.


Mavin said...

Very Interesting!!!

369 years is a long time and to imaging Chennai has been witness to unfolding of history.

Great to know this. Are there good books which detail this journey over three and half centuries??

Would be nice if you can write a few blogs on Chennai history.

mitr_bayarea said...

Yes, Madraspatnam now Chennai has great history, read about the article on HINDU online.

Tinkoo said...

I still cannot think of it as Chennai - it continues to be Madras in my head.

But I'm conservative. I still live in Bombay when speaking English & in Mumbai when speaking Marathi!

Krishnan said...

Yes Mavin, will definitely take up your suggestion and pen posts on some vignettes of Chennai's history.

srihari said...

Hi Krishna I am fine. Alden is nice. How about you? Take care