Friday, August 29, 2008

To Blog or Not To Blog !

Just the other day, I came across a piece in The Hindu supplement NXG about ubiquitous blogs. The article went on to talk about a book titled The Cult of the Amateur by Andrew Keen. In the book, he says there are more than 53 million blogs on the Net, and the number doubles every six months ! If this trend continues (I am not sure why it should not), he says there will be over five hundred million blogs by 2010 ! He goes on to say that we are blogging with "monkey-like shamelessness about our private lives, our sex lives, our dream lives, and our lack of lives." His point is mediocrity thrives in cyberspace. Though I think he has a point there, I think it is one's own prerogative to blog or not. Blogs are just tools, it is up to you to exercise it properly. Personally I have gained quite a few friends from blogging and I am not to going to stop blogging too soon. Just like there are people who meticulously jot down their thoughts in their diaries, today's generation makes use of tools like blogs, Facebook, Orkut for communication and networking.


Mavin said...

This is a new medium that is becoming popular by the day.

Blogging gives people an outlet to say what they want to with an added advantage of anonymity, if they so wish.

Vast majority of content may be mediocre in the eyes of a critique, but remember it is most
important to the blogger who is writing.

Infact, blogging probably should help a person become more observant, more organised with his/her thoughts.

This is my take.

Krishnan said...

Yes Mavin, one learns to become more disciplined and observant with blogging.

Artnavy said...

and blogs are like books - others are welcome NOT to read them

Gopinath's "Artickles" said...

A blog is wet clay for a potter, a blank canvas for a painter and an empty page for a writer. The proliferation of blogs is mainly due to the free webspace that one gets to put up your creativity. It is amazing how the best things on the web are free! Never before did one get an opportunity to hog webspace (like I am doing in your blog's comment page)! Krishnan, Thanks for blogrolling me!