Monday, August 11, 2008

Red Letter Day

Today is a red letter day in history of Indian sports. Abhinav Bindra did all of us Indians proud by winning the Olympic gold medal in shooting. Let us hope that this 25-year-old lad's grand accomplishment will inspire many of our sportsmen to go for the gold.


Mavin said...

This is a great achievement. It is definitely a matter of great pride for all Indians.

The best part is he is not a product of our sports system.

He has a personal air conditionedpractice range with the latest computerised target management system. Plus he has a personal trainer - a Swiss lady.

We have a big open air training range in Mumbai but in a serious state of disrepair.

If similar facilities are made available, I am sure we could have aimed at 4 - 5 golds in the shooting category.

This, however, does not diminish in any way Abhinav's stupendous achievements. It is not his fault if he can afford the best facilities.

Krishnan said...

Thanks a lot Mavin. Yes, Abhinav is lucky to have afforded expensive training and equipment. But as you rightly pointed out, that does not take the shine off his heroid achievement.