Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mumbai Terror - Will We Ever Learn the Lessons ?

Mumbai Terror - Will We Ever Learn the Lessons ?

Why is that we are often victims of terrorism that any other nation in the world, except perhaps Iraq ? Are we ultra-soft state that terrorists take us for granted and attack us with impunity ? Is our moral fiber so weak that anyone and everyone can be bribed or suborned ? M J Akbar writes in Times of India "We should have been world leaders in the war again terror, for no nation has more experience. Instead, we are wallowing in the complacent despair of a continual victim." Unless punitive action is taken against the emirs who fund rolled and equipped the desperadoes who unleashed this mayhem, terrorists are going to attack us again and again. We need to hit them again and again where it hurts. It is high time we begin to emulate Israel. We need to go in for a severe image makeover and project ourselves as a nation which would not hesitate to stand up to the terror warlords come what may.

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Mavin said...

We are victims of internal politicking.

The UPA government has undone whatever was being put in place by the previous NDA government.

The scrapping of POTA was only one instance. Maritime security, joint co-ordination of intelligence units, central agency to sift through intelligence......

UPA had made it a point that stringent laws were not necessary and the existing judicial system was appropriate.

The most damning part of it was an extremely soft and weak response to terror. The government was almost apologetic about initiating anything.