Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The World This Week

Yesterday I happened to watch NDTV in the evening and happened to come to know that they are celebrating their 20th anniversary yesterday. Their show The World This Week was first broadcast on Doordarshan on November 25, 1988. The show ran for eight long years. This info opened an avalanche of memories in me. I remember the Fridays when I used to stay up awake to catch the show with Prannoy Roy at the helm. The show had no-nonsense correspondents and I still remember bearded Appan Menon traveling to hot spots of the world and bringing us the headline events of those days. In fact during those times (late 1980s - early 1990s), The World This Week was the only window to the world. By mid 1990s, satellite television came of age and started beaming straight into our drawing rooms and The World This Week faded away into oblivion. But for me, the show always triggers those good old days....

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