Friday, October 31, 2008


If you are into poetry, you should try Anna Akhmatova. She was a great Russian poet. Wikipedia entry on her states "Her work addresses a variety of themes including time and memory, the fate of creative women, and the difficulties of living and writing in the shadow of Stalinism". I will reproduce here one of her best known poems.

‘Like a white stone in a well’s depths’

Like a white stone in a well’s depths,
a single memory remains to me,
that I can’t, won’t fight against:
It’s happiness – and misery.

I think someone who gazed full
in my eyes, would see it straight.
They’d be sad, be thoughtful,
as if hearing a mournful tale.

I know the gods changed people
to things, yet left consciousness free,
to keep suffering’s wonder alive still.
In memory, you changed into me.

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